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Gregg Smith’s Comprehensive Services for Classic Cars

When it comes to maintaining and restoring classic cars, the expertise and services we offer at Gregg Smith stand out in the automotive restoration industry. We provide a full spectrum of services tailored to preserve the original charm and enhance the performance of vintage vehicles. This comprehensive guide delves into the variety of services provided, each designed to meet the specific needs of classic car enthusiasts.

Major and Minor Tune-ups

Proper tuning of your classic car ensures that it operates at peak efficiency. This includes adjusting the ignition system, carburetor settings, and valve-train. Minor tune-ups might involve simple spark plug replacements, while major tune-ups can encompass a complete overhaul of the ignition and fuel systems to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Oil and Filter Change

Regular oil changes are crucial to protect the engine parts of your classic car from excessive wear and tear. Using the correct grade and type of oil fortifies the engine’s longevity and helps maintain its smooth operation.

Carburetor Rebuilding, Repair, and Installation

The carburetor is essential for mixing the right amount of gasoline with air to ensure efficient engine performance. We specialize in rebuilding and repairing carburetors to enhance engine efficiency and power output.

Engine and Transmission Service

These services focus on the heart of the vehicle. From routine maintenance to complete rebuilds, every aspect of engine and transmission care is handled with precision, using appropriate tools and genuine parts to maintain authenticity and performance.

Timing Belt Replacement

Replacing the timing belt at recommended intervals prevents mechanical failures and maintains engine synchronization, crucial for the longevity of your classic car’s engine.

Suspension Repair and Modifications

Whether restoring the suspension to its original specification or upgrading it for improved performance, comprehensive services include everything from bushing replacements to the installation of advanced suspension systems.

Paint Correction and Detailing

Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of classic cars is as important as their mechanical upkeep. Paint correction techniques remove imperfections and restore the vehicle’s shine, while detailing preserves the car's condition and appearance.

Ceramic Coating

Applying a ceramic coating protects the paintwork from UV rays, chemical stains, and etching, besides adding a vibrant gloss to the vehicle’s exterior.

Metal Restoration and Light Fabrication

Rust and damage repair are critical in classic car restoration. Services include sheet metal fabrication and welding to replace corroded parts and restore structural integrity.

Electrical Repairs and Wiring Harness Installation

From upgrading to re-wiring, electrical services ensure all components from headlights to dashboard indicators function reliably.

Radio and Audio Component Installation

Modern audio systems can be seamlessly integrated into classic cars without compromising their vintage aesthetics, providing the best of both worlds.

Comprehensive Automotive Computer Diagnoses

Advanced diagnostic tools are used to swiftly identify issues and ensure that every component functions as expected.

Drive-ability and Performance Repairs

These services ensure that the car not only looks great but drives well, enhancing both safety and enjoyment.

Tire Balancing and Wheel Services

Proper tire balancing and alignment improve ride quality and reduce tire wear, essential for the smooth operation of the vehicle.

Cabinet Media Blasting and Welding

Media blasting effectively removes rust without damaging the substrate, and both MIG and TIG welding are offered to handle various types of metal repairs and fabrications.

Major Upgrades for Your Classic Cars

Suspension and Performance Upgrades

Advanced options like RideTech, Roadster Shop upgrades, and air suspension systems are available to enhance the driving dynamics of classic cars.

Fuel Injection and Exhaust System Upgrades

Modern fuel injection systems can replace outdated carburetors for better throttle response and fuel efficiency. Exhaust upgrades can also boost power and improve the sound of the engine.

Safety and Brake Upgrades

Improving safety through modern brake systems, seat belt installations, and even custom wheel and tire packages ensures that your classic car is safe on the road without sacrificing its historical integrity.

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To schedule an appointment with us for classic car repair and restoration, contact our service team via phone or email. Provide details about your vehicle and the services needed. We will guide you through the booking process, ensuring a personalized approach to revitalize your cherished classic car.

Our commitment to quality and attention to detail at Gregg Smith makes it a premier choice for any classic car owner looking to maintain, restore, or enhance their vehicle. Each service is executed with a focus on preserving the originality and increasing the performance of these cherished automobiles, ensuring they continue to turn heads on the road and at shows.

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